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Q. How does this all work? WHEN will I get my KITTEN?

A. A: We started in 2004 & because we strive for perfection, we can honestly say we are among the best in the business. We deeply care to spread the joy & love a family pet can provide. Once you choose your baby (or your baby chooses you), click the "CONTACT US” button . Enter all your information & make sure you give all contact phone numbers (cell phone) & a valid email . Once this is done, we will contact you within 24hours to confirm your order before you proceed with the purchase. Once purchased, we will proceed with the paperwork, and let you know which days kittens are flying .We will book your kitten on the best possible flight & email you all the information along with a tracking number so you know exactly where your kitten is at all times! The kittens fly on Pet Delivery Experts V.I.P. We pay extra for the V.I.P treatment so your baby arrives in style. We give your name & contact details (email and phone number) to the airlines, so bring your I.D. & cell phone with you to the airport.

Q. Do You Offer Health Guarantee?

A. We believe in arriving in style every time. We pay extra for a VIP contract with our Pet Delivery Experts Airlines. They are kept in climate–controlled environments under the plane belly (72 degrees) & also in the airport transport vans (78 degrees).

Q.Is everything SECURE on this site?

A. Yes. We have a completely secured site & your information is never shared. We use the same securities as other major companies in South Africa. Everything is locked down.

Q.Any recommendations on which VET to use?

A. Usually small-town vets are best. Word gets around small towns very quickly & if a vet has bad practices… small towns will talk Usually (not always) small town vets are more inexpensive as well. Also Try to search for a vet in your area & see reviews of consumers in your area as well. **IMPORTANT** DO NOT USE BANFIELD HOSPITALS (AS PART OF PETSMART CHAIN STORES) NOR VCA HOSPITALS. Your warranty will be void if you take your new one to Banfield or VCA. We’ve seen too many misdiagnosis, over medicated, & EXTREMELY HIGH VET BILLS. These two clinics are in it for the money!

Q.Do you have ALL the Kittens there? Can I see them all?

A. Yes. All kittens listed on our site are here at the house. They must pass a 20 point checklist & numerous vet checks before they’re listed on the site. We are not a pet store (and proud of this fact). We do not have glass cages & we’re not a petting zoo. We are sticklers when it comes to the health of these little ones. We require all customers to sanitise when they come to the house, so we ask them to pay a deposit upfront before visiting our home. We’d be happy to take your call & set a private appointment for you & your family to come to our house and visit the kittens but we put the health of these little ones first & foremost. That’s always been our motto! Thanks for understanding.

Q. Vaccines?

A. Do not give your new Kitten any vaccines within the first 14 days of Arrival. Your new Kitten is all up to date on shots and will not need a Vaccine for at least two weeks. Many vets will attempt to issue a vaccine So that they can make additional money. Do not get any vaccines on your First vet visit as the Kitten will need time to adjust and you do not need Any additional stress on him or her!!!

Q.Can I get updated photos before purchasing a Kitten?

A. Once you have selected your kitten, the shipping fee depends on several factors: destination, airport, airline, the size of the pet's crate, and weather conditions. Prices can vary greatly depending on the country to which the puppy is being shipped. Many countries have very strict guidelines. If you have questions in regard to your country’s import regulations please contact us at Since countries have different guidelines that control the transportation of kittens by age, may require a quarantine, or other determining factors. light travel times will vary. We ship all kittens with pet friendly airlines that cater to the needs of each animal. They are given food and water and are shipped under safe conditions.

Q. How does Shipping Work & what is the cost?

A.We do try and keep our website up to date with new photos weekly. If you are requesting a new photo of a kitten we like to guarantee that you are a serious buyer.

Q.Who handles setting up Delivery for my Kitten? TOP

A. We set up all delivery and shipping for your kitten via the airlines. a nanny is available for an additional fee.


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